Panoramic images are created by stitching together many shots of a scene into a single, huge image. While all the images in the “Altered Perspectives” collection are intended for large prints, these panoramic prints on canvas offer unprecedented levels of detail even in prints as large as 8 or 10 feet wide.

Many of these images were created using High Dynamic Range techniques which involve merging many images of the same scene at different exposures to capture the entire brightness range of the subject and, as a result, up to 50 individual shots were used to create some of these images.

Each panoramic image in the collection is offered in sizes up to 72 inches wide. These images will, however, print very much larger than this so, if you would like a larger version or a particular size that is not offered through the normal ordering system, or if you are interested in an unstretched print or a multi-panel panorama, please contact us and we will help you out. The only real restriction is that no individual gallery wrapped panel can exceed 72″ wide and sizes larger than this are possible if you are able to pick the print up from the CanvasPress office in Round Rock yourself.

Please note that the image thumbnails shown below are cropped. To see the whole image, click the thumbnail or select the magnifying glass icon that appears when you move your mouse over it.